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Hi all. [May. 30th, 2006|12:27 am]
NYC Kids


Or, I'm assuming all... it may be that nobody ever joins this, and I'll be all alone. Sniff.

Since this is a new community, I thought we could discuss those important things - rules and icons. Somebody needs to make us an icon.

Oh, yes, rules.

Should we allow advertising? If yes, what sort of advertising - for communities, for yard sales, for nannies? Should advertising be stuck under a cut (my inclination, to be frank)? What sort of content should or shouldn't be allowed? Comment here, help us work out these rules!

There's another sort of rule: The safety rule.

Since I intend, once we get some members, to post asking for people to meet up with (gasp!), I feel it's important to go over these right away.

1. Never meet up in real life with people you don't trust online. Obviously.
2. Only meet up with people in well-populated areas, in daylight.
3. Bring another adult with you when you meet somebody.
4. If you're meeting to set up a playgroup or something of the sort, consider doing it sans kids the first time, so if one of you gets really creepy vibes off the other, at least your kids aren't exposed to it.

Thank you for reading the Very Obvious Rules :)